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As a one-man band
     ROGER is also available as a one-man band. He sings, and uses a drum machine for all dance tempos.
     His keyboard has a multitude of sounds imitating various conventional pianos, keyboards, strings, guitars, organs, flutes, saxophones, clarinet, trumpets, et cetera. Furthermore, he can split his keyboard into 2 parts with his left hand playing a bass sound, while his right hand plays any of the above instruments. Because of his classical roots, his left hand is quite proficient. Actually, he's been told by many professionals that he could actually hire out his left hand to perform strictly as a bassist. His right hand's pretty good, too!!
     However, please don't mistake Roger Rossi for one of those thousands of "fakes" who pretend to play the piano, while tapes or the keyboard itself is making that sound for them. Roger is the REAL thing. He does it the old-fashioned way. HE plays it . . . LIVE!!

     Class Action is equally at ease playing classy Broadway Songs, Latin-American, Big Band, Sinatra, Jersey Boys, Billy Joel, Motown and Jimmy Buffet, as it is with Classic Rock and Disco. Some performances will emphasize one type music, others will combine all of the above. Class Action lives up to its name. It is truly a classy band . . . and versatile, too.

  Additional Information

     Click here for information about Roger Rossi's book "Mobsters, Movie Stars and Musicians", including where to buy it.

     Click here to see Roger Rossi accompany Metropolitan Opera star Susan Neves while she sings Rossi's own version of Ave Maria at the Waxlax Center.

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